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Solar House in Glendale, California
We offer 20 Years of labor warranty

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What is Solar Energy?
As sunlight shines on the solar panel it generate electrical energy and that electrical energy feed into your main service panel. the best solar panels in the market currently convert about 13% to 18% of the sun's light. and watch your electrical meter spins backward and get credit for unused electrical that you can use at night.
Benefit of Solar Energy
  • Fight Global Warming
  • Reduce pollution
  • Save on Electrical Usage
  • Oil Independancy
  • Energy Independent
  • Increase Home Value
  • Get Rebates and Incentives

    We work to make LA, Greener
Is Solar Energy right for me?
We are not in the business of trying to force solar energy on people or into situations that don’t need it.
We’d like to think we’ll have a long-term relationship with our customers and selling them things that they need and could save them lots of money on energy use.

LA Solar Energy Tech Talk
We are specialized in Solar Integration and Installation with complete planning, drawing. Implementation of Home energy devices. We are experienced in the field of Electronic, Electrical and Low voltage Technology.we offer Energy Audit and Consultation for homes and businesses.
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