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The Great Benefits of Solar
  • Save money every month by lowering your electric bills
  • Save money on your system purchase with state rebates and federal tax credits
  • Utilize free energy from the sun to reduce the effect of utility rate increases
  • Enjoy energy independence by becoming your own power producer
  • Protect the environment by using clean, renewable energy in your home

Environmental Benefits.
In recent opinion polls, solar energy scored higher than all other forms of energy when participants were asked what type of energy is best for future generations.
Because they burn no fuel and have no moving parts, PV systems are clean and silent. This is especially important where the main alternatives for obtaining power and light are from diesel generators and kerosene lanterns.
As we become more aware of "greenhouse gases" and their detrimental effects on our planet, clean energy alternatives like PV become more important than ever.
As we begin to realize and respect the fragility of our planet's ecosystem, clean power choices like PV become extremely important.

Cost Benefits
The cost of PV systems has come down 25 fold over the last 20 years and they are now often the most cost effective in remote energy applications such as cabins and resorts. Photovoltaic's are economical today, especially in light of the high cost of connecting to local utilities in remote locations.

Increases effectiveness of health programs

Use of a solar electric lighting systems by rural health centers increases the quality of health care provided. Solar electric systems improve patient diagnoses through brighter task lighting and use of electrically-lit microscopes. Photovoltaic's can also power televisions and VCR's to educate health workers and patients about preventative care, medical procedures, and other health care provisions. Finally, solar electric refrigerators have a higher degree of temperature control than kerosene units, leading to lower vaccine spoilage rates, and increased immunization effectiveness.

Economics of Solar Energy
Solar power systems can be a much less expensive way to develop power on your remote property. Save Money with Energy


Conservation—the first thing to do before buying an independent power system!
Regardless of the power generation source you are using, reducing consumption with energy-efficient appliances and lights will save you money. Even if you decide not to use solar energy, you'll still enjoy the financial benefits of energy efficiency and reduce wear and tear on the environment.

Before Solar
Utility Supplied
With 3kW
Solar System
Solar Supplied
7% Utility
With a 4kW
Solar Energy System
Solar Surplus
Solar Supplied
Based on California home with average home energy use of 6500kWh/yr.

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