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To know If Solar is right for You, please answer the following Questions...
1) Does your place get enough sun for solar panel a year?
2) High electrical bill?
3) Does you roof lined up with South?
4) Would you like to get the solar system for half of the cost?
5) Would you do Solar if add at least 10% to your house value?

What steps should I take to evaluate if solar is right for me?
Step 1 – Evaluate how much energy you use.
Step 2 – Make sure your site has very little shade by trees or other buildings.
Step 3 – Determine what if any energy conservation steps you have not taken.
Step 4 – Determine how much you are willing to spend.
Step 5 – Determine what technology you are most interested in.
Step 6 – Call LASE for free estimate with site evaluation.

Each individual has specific needs. Renewable Energy generation is dependent upon the availability of RE sources at your site. The sources are Sunlight, Wind, and Water. Photovoltaic panels (PVs) use sunlight to make electricity. Wind turbines use the wind, and micro-hydro turbines use water under pressure. For the most economical and effective installation, you need to determine what sort of Renewable Energy system is right for your site. This involves some homework and taking a hard look at your electrical use patterns. This is why we need to do a site survey to determine just what resources are available at your home. It will determine exactly which resource or combination of resources can be used to best fit your energy needs.

A well-designed system will incorporate your energy resources with the proper components to produce the most electricity available at your site. Some people start with a battery based system that charges off the grid at non peak hours. You consume power to charge the batteries at night when the rate is far less and feed your appliances from the battery bank during the peak period when power is expensive.

You can start a system like this without any RE sources and add them later on when you can afford it. A battery based system like this will get you through a blackout keeping essential loads like lighting, communications, and refrigeration powered.

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